These 15 Co-Working Spaces Have Your Wi-Fi & Snacking Needs All Sorted

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Setting up your own company and attending weddings; if we had to sum up our lives in Delhi, those two would be it. While we trust you’ve got weddings figured out, setting up your own company comes with its own share of financial constraints, so why not save some and share an office? Here’s who cares, and therefore shares.


Not everybody is lucky enough to work out of a villa in GK1, but if you’re flying solo, this could be the ideal station from which to operate. The informal houses provide not only a workspace for ad hoc short-term or long-term use, but also a community of independent members who probably fled the traditional office scene for reasons similar to yours.

You might find them staying in one of the guest rooms or using the daytime facilities. There is a shared workspace with desks, private rooms for teams to work together, and separate lounges; a formal one for meetings and an informal one for breakout sessions. Other than business centre staples, there is also a cook on-site to prepare meals if you choose to join the lunch plan, and two fixed rounds of chai during the day.

Price: INR 6,500 per month. 

91 Springboard

Positioned as a growth hub for start-ups, 91 Springboard goes beyond office walls and even provides access to a network of mentors, as well as a forum for posting/finding jobs. The 20,000 square ft Delhi basement office is home to over a 252 co-workers, and their 24×7 office engenders support, key service providers, knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking.

Virtual office facilities are also available, including a receiving address for your mail and free mail forwarding. They also regularly host events and meet-ups for investor pitches, networking and talks & workshops.

Social Offline

Social Offline is one of the more well-known collaborative work spaces in Delhi. Equipped with Wi-Fi, printers, stationery, lockers, conference rooms and cafe-style seating, the aim is to encourage physical interaction. But, we’re not complaining; you could end up sitting next to some very interesting people, and who knows where that could take you {we mean professionally}.

The only catch is that Social asks for applications, and you can’t just walk in. Also, they function on a monthly fee and don’t allow daily or weekly use. PS: Membership to one Social entitles you access to Socials all over the country.

Price: INR 5,000 per month.

The Studio

A co-working space in Delhi aimed at start-ups, designers, freelancers and travellers {if they can get them to stay in one place}, this one comes equipped with a large working hall {proper desks, everyone}, informal seating, a conference room, an outdoor area {cigarette breaks}, a functional pantry area, stationery and, best of all, parking spots. The Studio runs Monday through Saturday.

Price: INR 5,500 per month.

Stirring Minds

Stirring Minds endeavours to virtually bring together creative people, freelancers, independents and start-ups, with their node office in Silicon Valley {oh yeah}. Set up more like a traditional corporate, Stirring Minds offers mentorship opportunities and event collaborations, besides a space to work in.

Best news? They allow you to rent their space for private work events and give you the option of a virtual office as well. Also Apple TV and Xbox anyone? Hey, whatever it takes to stir your mind.

Price: INR 8,000 per month. 

MHS Collective

A co-working space restricted to designers and creative folk {this includes, but is not limited to, architects, artists, film makers, writers, social workers and activists}, they offer internet, a pantry and printer services, and ask you write in with a short bio before they can accept your request to share their space. The area is limited, so they cap their list quite quickly.

Price: INR 4,000 per month.


Innov8 is a young co-working space started by a group of entrepreneurs and investors who want to use their experience to nurture and guide start ups. A fun, spunky workspace set up in the famous Regal Building, you can expect a lot from them.

A recreation room to unwind, strategic mentorship for your projects, a sun-soaked terrace and customisable workstations all await you here. They also host talks and workshops for entrepreneurs and young businesses.

Price: They have different price plans. 


With the ability to house around 60 people,CoworkDelhi is a space for any start-ups or individuals needing a place to work., and it’s only 300m from the metro station for easy access. You also have electricity at all times {a real issue in our city}, as well as Wi-Fi and coffee. You can opt for a monthly pass, or a daily one, if your work is short-term.

The interiors are quirky; going to work will be a real joy. There’s also a conference room that you can rent out for big meetings, if need be.

Price: INR 5,999 per month. 

Delhi Co.

Delhi Co. is a co-working space with a group of friendly founders who go out of their way to help young businesses. With service tie-ups and a mentor network across all relevant verticals, they promise to help you cross all your starting up hurdles with ease. Membership here comes with fun benefits like free beer and discounts at popular pubs and cafes.

They even host regular after-work events to help you unwind, like movie-screening nights, book-reading sessions and more. It’s the perfect mix of work and leisure to help you deal with the stress of being a young entrepreneur.

Mstoic Tech Park

A fairly new co-working space in Dwarka, the minds behind Mstoic understand your need to access high-end facilities at a minimal cost. They come equipped with 34 cubicles, three cabins and a big conference halls for meetings. You can expect high-speed internet, storage space, printing facilities and more at their 24-hour work space.

Price: INR 4,000 per month.

Base Station

Located in Shapur Jat, Base Station is a co-working space run by Miranj; a design studio. While, generally, co-working spaces are aimed at groups of professionals working together, Base Station rather encourages individuals to come work alone and interact with each other. They’ve purposefully kept the number of seats towards the lower side, so as to avoid overcrowding and give the joint a spacious vibe. Make this your go-to co-working spot if you’re into working alongside fresh cups of coffee, some soothing ambient music, and a well-stocked pantry.

Price: INR 6,500 per month.


With an office already up and running in one of the most prime locations in Mumbai {Nariman point}, Workly makes its way to Delhi with its latest property in Lajpat Nagar. The space is mostly done up in black & white and exudes a minimal decor, and is a rather comfortable and spacious spot for you to set your work-table at.

Apart from providing you with a space to work out of, Workly has also tied up with various companies to provide the services you might require while working there. Need a printer or a PR agency to sort out your day-to-day needs? Just give them a shout-out and they’d sort it for you. Apart from that, they also have a biometric system in place for you to keep a track of attendance, in case you’re heading a company out of here.

One of the things we like about this one is the accessibility of the location, and as a bonus {atleast for us}, it’s right next to the iconic Nagpal chole bhature shop, too.

Price:  They have different price plans. 

A Little Anarky

Known for being a great film production studio, A Little Anarky also offers a co-working space. Tucked away in the lanes of HKV, they offer their clients workstations {either desks, couches or breakout spaces}, a conference room, Wi-Fi, a pantry, a massive terrace to take a break and, of course, a kickass audio and projection setup.

They even organise workshops, screenings and seminars, and have a team full of creative, playful minds to help you ideate.

Price: Get in touch with them to know about their prices.


With the growing number of startups and contract-based professionals in the city, Springhouse provides a comfortable jampad for whoever who wants to rent a desk and work off of. The best part? Being located around some of the busiest commercial regions in the city ensures that you won’t have to go far to sort your daily work-related needs.

There’s no deposit or lock-in period for renting out a desk here, and the prices are not that exorbitant, either {

Price: INR 5,000 per month


Puppychino never runs out of dogs, and we can’t think of anything better than that. There’s a dedicated dog space for them to play in, and a dedicated space for you to work in. That is, if you can get any work done with all that cuteness running around.

The best part: You never have to leave your dog behind when you have work to do. They also have dog boarding, so we suggest you go check them out fast!

Price: No added cost for working out of here.


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