Murder Mysteries & Pharaoh Curses: This Escape Room Will Test Your Wit!

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What Makes It Awesome

Codebreak60 is an escape room in Kamla Nagar with three different escape scenarios to play through. There’ll be simple physical obstacles and harder mental ones for you to overcome and break free. 

Sure, you might solve the everyday Sudoku real quick, the crossword is at your mercy, and your street-smarts often go unmatched, but this escape room will test your wit to the limit. There are scenarios like The Killer Invention, where you have to solve a murder mystery in 60 minutes or less to succeed (psst! We think it’s the ex!); The Pharaoh’s Curse where you not only race against time, but against another team, trying to capture and trap them before the mummy’s curse gets you; and The Final Hour in which you supposedly ‘cheat’ death’s plan and escape unharmed. There’ll be a dedicated game master watching over all the games, guiding and helping if needed (we say be brave and chuck the help). All escape rooms are made for team strengths of 2–8 people, so if your squad is up for the task, we’d say book your spot right away.

This escape room has new and interesting scenarios and you can find us trying to solve clues. When are you going?

Price: Starting at INR 500/person (the price per person increases the smaller the team is). 


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