Gooey & Delicious: 3 Minute Coffee Mug Cake

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Drip Coffee Bags: Original Custom Roast (10 Pack)

Drip Coffee Bags: Original Custom Roast (10 Pack)

As a coffee addict, I will add a dose of caffeine to literally everything. No, really. 3 cups of coffee a day isn't enough so I look for other ways to have it. Cohoma Coffee's probably the easiest thing if you're obsessed with coffee like me or a lazy sipper; you just have to pop open the brew bags and pour hot water over it to enjoy!
Whipping up a mug cake has to be the easiest thing to do! You can literally make it first thing in the morning, or at midnight when you're craving something sweet.
The recipe is super easy and here's all that you need / have to do:
> Grab 1/4 cup chocolate in a microwavable mug
> Put in 1 tsp canola oil
> Melt it in the microwave (don't leave it in for too long!)
> After they're mixed, add in 1/4 cup flour
> Next you want to throw in 2 tbsp cocoa powder + 2 tbsp brown sugar
> Now comes the best part. Brew your Cohoma coffee, and add 1/2 cup of the drip
> Last step of this recipe is to break 1 egg in your batter & mix!
I popped it in the microwave for about 75 seconds, and voila!

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