Commute Quicker & Cheaper With Shuttl: Delhi's Premier Minibus Service

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Shuttl, an app-based minibus and shuttle service that’s taken Delhi by storm, provides safe and affordable transport with routes that reach the far corners of the city, making the commute from home to work a whole lot easier.

A New Way to Travel

Air-conditioned buses with high frequencies {every 15 to 30 minutes within a particular time slot} on fixed routes through the city—doesn’t that sound like a dream? Well, your dreams have just come true with Shuttl, the convenient app that offers comfort, regularity and reliability, all at very economical prices.

Go Quick, Go Cashless, Go Far

A handy app for working professionals, they have easy online payment, helping you go cashless and carefree. What’s more, if you live in a location that is tough to access, chances are Shuttl can get to you.

The service has already taken over Gurgaon and Noida, with far-reaching routes and regular stops. As they enter the Delhi sector, they’ve begun to dominate areas like Jasola, Rohini, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.

You can also make your own ride by suggesting a route on the app. Once enough app users want to use your suggested route, Shuttl will create it for you. Next thing you know, you’re being picked up in a comfortable minibus, and are on the way to your destination. To make matters simpler, they are currently running a Make Your Own Ride contest right here. With the new odd-even rule coming into force soon, Shuttl provides an easier way to travel.

Who is it for?

If you have limited travelling options and need a lift, Shuttl is for you. No one likes to waste their hard-earned money on an expensive cab. You can get the same service, at a more reasonable rate, to help handle those long commutes. With its user-friendly interface, the app is easy to understand, and easier to use.

Flipping the Script

Too often we have relied on the good graces of a cab driver, accepted the cramped conditions of a bus, or the pushing and shoving in a metro. The time has come to take back your commute, and find a convenient and comfortable {and safe} way to ride. And that is exactly what Shuttl has to offer.

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This story is in partnership with Shuttl.


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