By Diksha Dwivedi

Safe to say we are all consumers, and even safer to say we’ve all had at least one run in that merits a consumer complaint. There are times when none of your contacts can help, and you’re forced to go down the traditional route of good ol’ consumer complaints. Whether you’re getting a a newly bought television set repaired, or replacing your iPhone, it’s almost easier to buy a new gadget than going through the cumbersome process of trying to lodge a complaint. Put it down to brands not responding, or always finding a way to blame you; we just want to say, you’re not alone in your pursuit for fairness. The good news – you don’t have to do it yourself anymore. Yourkamaan has come to your rescue to fight with you, for your rights as a consumer.

Pratyush and Himanshu, the founders of, are offering you a helping hand to get through all your consumer related miseries, through their website. After months of hard work drafting legal notices for consumers, Himanshu and Pratyush realised the intensity of the situation, and the consequent need for a larger platform to be able to provide their services to maximum buyers in the market. Hence, Your Kamaan was born.

How it works

It’s a three-step process. First, the dissatisfied customer registers his/her complaint on the website. From there, Yourkamaan escalates the complaint to the concerned brand or company via email or phone. If they don’t respond within three to four days, a formal letter is drafted stating in detail the hardships faced by the consumer, under relevant sections of the Consumer Protection act violated by the service provider. The letter is then forwarded to the senior management of the company. Finally, if they don’t respond within fifteen days, the last step involves preparing a consumer complaint document that is sent to the concerned consumer, along with the supporting documents, via email, which the consumer needs to then take to the consumer court him/herself. Fundamentally, Yourkamaan has taken it upon itself to compel you to stand up for yourselves when you feel like you’ve been cheated.

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Yourkamaan, launched in September 2014, is an online portal that is the answer to all your consumer related problems. They help simplify an otherwise super complicated process, by taking care of the initial steps involved in lodging a complaint. You don’t need to sit back and accept a malfunctioning new smart phone; register your complaint online, and let them handle it for you.

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