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If I ever lived in another country long enough, I would absorb their food culture first and I would bring it back with me when I return. Food is such a wonderful thing to share and especially if it leads to discovery, that’s even better. I found a person like this, or rather, she found me! Ssukham spent most of her growing up years in Thailand and has worked as a Senior Corporate Executive for over two decades in Delhi before deciding to follow her passion. Her brand “aroi”- Asian Zest was conceptualised to help family and friends cook easy, quick and delicious meals at home. “aroi” means delicious in Thai. “Cook from your heart and you will be able to produce a plate full of goodness”, is what she said when she sent me her products. I haven’t looked back since. As much as I try and cook from scratch, paucity of time, ingredients and at times even inclination means it’s best to have sauces, spice blends and curry pastes handy. With ‘aroi’, I have been able to wean my dependency off commercial brands and switch to the more home-grown options, which is also tastier actually.

Aroi is an Organic range of Asian Curry Pastes, Spice Mixes, Chilli Oils and birth her own brand and has more than 11 ‘Jars of Goodness’ varying from Thai Chilli Jam to Penang Curry & Crunchy Peanut dip. She also has an amazing DIY Kit, Phad Thai Kit which makes the quickest and most delicious Phad Thai serving 3-4 people within 10 minutes. Her Thai Curry Powder is by far one of the most versatile curry powders I’ve ever used, I use it over crab fried rice, salad’s and even blend with a little peanut oil to make a less spicy curry oil for soups and stews. The other two products I am obsessed with are the Pad Thai sauce which is perfectly balanced, add a little peanut butter and make a salad dressing or use as it over veggies and noodles for a quick Phad Thai, then there is the chilli oil, which wonderfully aromatic and excellent over everything, even poached eggs! For satay’s I use the Asian BBQ and Grill Sauce, it also doubles as a stir fry sauce for chicken or veggies, she also makes a Stir Fry sauce which I use to make super quick gravies.

The entire range is well made, fresh as well as completely devoid of artificial after tastes that many products with long shelf lives have. Aroi products are shipped Pan India and can be ordered from their Instagram page. I suggest you start with the entire range, even the Salt & Sichuan Pepper Mix (try it over fried eggs) and the 5 Spice Powder, which I use for roast chicken all the time. All the products are 100% vegan, preservative, gluten and MSG free, the new range also has mixed with no onion or garlic, basically making them not only super convenient but more nutritious too.

Chef & Mommy! Personal Mantra: eat, run, repeat 💪🏼