This Brand's Skincare Products Are So Natural That You Could Taste Them!

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What Makes It Awesome

Cosmetofood's a brand that offers vegan skincare products which are good enough to eat (yes, you read that right). The range includes cleansers and scrubs to massage creams and masks. Need a healthy diet for your skin? Cosmetofood’s products could be it. The organic and gentle product line can be found at their online store and at hotels and is even recommended and prescribed by dermatologists.

Think marshmallow pineapple massage cream, coffee souffle, avocado mask, multigrain porridge exfoliant and everything that sounds yum – that’s what Cosmetofood has to offer. They even have gentle makeup removers, body yogurts perfect for hot summer months as they also have SPF in them. Albeit all of them are meant only for your skin but on the odd chance that you (or a kid in your house) end up tasting them, nothing will go wrong as the products are 100% organic, handmade and natural. The entire range is ECOCERTTM certified, which itself is a conclusive proof of their authenticity. 

Price: INR 350 onwards


We say, go for their Whey Protein Eye Mask. It helps reduce under-eye circles as well as puffiness, and provides intense hydration. Time to bid adieu to those tired-looking eyes after a long day at work. 

PS - Also stay tuned for a new addition to their collection called "Bath & Splash" where we're expecting to see lots of fun and colourful bath bombs!


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