Country Collection In HKV Surely Doesn't Disappoint

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What Makes It Awesome?

At the entrance of HKV, in the little lane on the right, just after Ogaan, is a little shop called Country Collection. After exploring all the artefacts and furniture, you realise it is not so little. Down the stairs, the collection is vast and spans down a long room of vintage craftsmanship in the form of a funky lamp made from an old compressor, bronze statues that double as doorknobs, carved chairs shaped like a horse, wooden and brass window ornaments that would delight any decorative space.

At the end of the room, 2 craftsmen sat and polished pieces they had just worked on. The man who runs the place, Sunil, is also a healer and he took time to show the vast collection of singing bowls and spoke of the benefits of sound healing.

With their 50% off on everything, I came away from this shop with many precious items and my wallet was not unhappy at all. And we don't really get to say that often.

What Could Be Better?

Truly a Lovely discovery.

How Much Did It Cost?


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