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Check Out These Super Cool Cow By-Products By Holy Cow Foundation

Sunaina posted on 15th December

Ten-Second Takeaway

The Holy Cow Foundation was started by a bunch of animal lovers working towards the protection and welfare of cows in India. They have a range of cool cow by-products, like Ayurvedic personal and home care.

What Do They Do?

Apart from taking care of the numerous Gaushalas all across the country, Holy Cow Foundation creates really intense & awesome daily use products which are light on the pocket.

The best part is that these products are 100 per cent naturally made from cow by-products. Who thought gobar or cow pee could be put to such incredible use?!

The proceeds they make from the sales of these products are used to take care of health, food and shelter for them city cows who were initially on their way to the slaughter house.

Mooo…st Loved Stuff

From health care to body care to home care, Holy Cow offers a range of pure naturalness. Our personal favorite has to be the herbal tea, which has no tea leaves, but just herbs. It works like a charm for some detoxification and weight loss, minus that acidic feeling.

Dhoop sticks are another favorite. Totally chemical-free, they’re made from cow dung and ghee and createsa positive, cleansing environment. Their range of shampoos and hair oil is also a must try!

All their products are very reasonably priced and hey, you’re helping a cow in need, remember? To learn more about their products, price range and other info, visit their website here

So We’re Saying…

We think it’s imperative to spread the love and compassion towards these beautiful creatures. After all, the animals give to the society all the time; it’s time we give something back to them!


Did you know the copper component in cow pee prevents fat deposition and lowers cholesterol levels? As disgusting as cow pee sounds it’s actually not that bad! Definitely try out their health tonic, if you’re facing any ailments at all.

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