Cowboys Delivers Pure Milk and 100% Honey to Your Doorstep


Started as a farm in Rajasthan, Cowboys now delivers pure organic milk, pure honey and ghee to households in South Delhi.

Present Perfect

Having started as a mere dissatisfaction with packaged milk and discoloured vegetables, Cowboys came around because the need for organic milk and unadulterated foods was at an all-time high.

Cowboys says that they started delivering organic milk to households in South and Central Delhi, to avoid the sub-standard quality of the produce available in the market.

Playing Farmville

They’ve collaborated with 50 other farmers, and sell farm-fresh veggies to almost 800 people throughout Delhi. They make sure that the produce is as close to nature as possible, and deliver milk within 12 hours of milking; no preservatives or chemicals are added.

We’ve been told that their service is reliable, efficient and it tastes as good as what people are used to in European countries. Catering to lots of expats and those who are following an organic lifestyle, the quality of the produce is most important for them.

Delivering Happiness

Do keep in mind that since the milk is completely organic, the bottle of milk has to be consumed within two days {if unopened} and within a day {if you open the packaging}. They deliver across South Delhi and to some parts of Lutyens Delhi.

They also have pure cow ghee {made from the same milk}, 100% pure honey made on their farm and a pungent mustard oil. Try them out for a healthier option!

Where: Shop here. 

Price: INR 80 per litre onwards

Timings: 10am – 6pm {Sunday closed}

Contact: +91 9971825938

Check out their website here. Follow their Facebook page here.