Straight To Work Mode At GK-II M Block Market's Coworkin Space

    Greater Kailash - 2, Delhi


    Coworkin is the perfect space to work in – it’s nice to have your office in one of the prime parts of Delhi, and the place is beautifully designed and has great work culture.

    How Was Your Experience?

    On one of my usual trips to M-Block market when something very urgent {work-related} came up. I had the option of choosing from lots of cafes, but I did not want to lose focus and think about food while working.

    I randomly found Coworkin and it has now become my second home.

    Work It Out

    You can drop in on any day of the week and make this space your office for the day. You’ll also meet lots of interesting people, which is a great thing.

      Greater Kailash - 2, Delhi