Stay Near CP Or East Delhi? Call This Home Baker For Brownies & Customised Cakes

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Rewati Rau’s Bikku Bakes is an honest attempt at making baked goodies that speak straight to the heart. Her menu comprises cupcakes, muffins, tea cakes, cookies, bars and even a whole range of healthy cakes. 

Lookie, Whattay Cookie

Rewati is a media professional who divides her time between two things she loves the most – writing and baking. Initially, we reckon, she turned to her oven to envelope herself with the sweet cookie smell after a long, exhausting day. But now, it takes up a lot of her long afternoons as orders pour in and she prepares everything from scratch. 

We love that there’s something for us who love the frills and frosting to those who belong to the no-butter-no-flour school of thought.

Recently, we sampled a few things off the menu and are happy to report that the wholewheat almond cookie is such a sweet reminder of the roasted atta halwa but in a newer, crunchier format. We think it goes amazingly well with a glass of plain, cold milk. Or, if you aren’t much of a flour child, go straight for the ragi dark chocolate filled cookies – they are big, indulgent and the rough ragi texture pairs beautifully with a molten, gooey centre.

The lemon cake was the right amount of tart and mushy for anyone who prefers fruity over chocolately. But what really takes the cake are the coffee brownies. They’re so good, it’d be difficult to describe them in words.

Oven And Out

While her menu is pretty exhaustive, we reckon there are still people who’d like to customise so the diabetic dadi who’s turning 60 can enjoy her cake guilt-free. Right? Everybody’s got sweet cravings, guys.

She’s in fact flexible enough to accommodate most requests. Want eggless? Want the cookies done with ragi? Or even whole wheat and honey variants… It shall be done without any compromise on the taste. This is what we think is her real win – you’ll never be riddled with stuff that pales in comparison to the butter-laden counterpart.

So, We're Saying...

Just like with all old fashioned goodness, Rewati doesn’t have a designated courier service to deliver orders. So for now she co-ordinates with the buyers to meet at a convenient location and hands them their packets.

Also, since she prepares everything fresh, she needs a 24-hour notice to fit in your requests. 


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