CP's Iconic Kwality Restaurant Has Reopened & It's Like Stepping Into The '50s

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One of the oldest, most iconic restaurants in Delhi, Kwality Restaurant, has reopened after nearly a year of being shut down. It's been completely renovated (but with a menu that's retained the cult classics), and it's definitely worth going back to. 

What Makes It Awesome

When you step into Kwality Restaurant, you are instantly swept up by the old-world music, mahogany interiors and British Raj era chandeliers. You've walked off a busy, 21st century street in CP into a time warp seventy years ago—and it's marvelous. 

A restaurant that has been around closing on a century, the city was troubled when it shut down last year. The dilapidated interiors and quintessentially 'Delhi' menu had a place in the public's heart that no poppin' fresh concept restaurant could fill. 

So when it reopened, it took us exactly five days from them announcing it to arrive at their doorstep, bellies empty and hearts full. It's safe to say that the revamp did not disappoint—nor did it dispel the deep sense of nostalgia it has always been rife with. 

Seated at a table close to the piano, the notes of old, Hindi melodies filled the high-ceiling room—a perfect accompaniment to the fuss-free and comforting club-style food that we were served. From the hearty, crisply fried cheeseballs you'll only get at one other place in the city (the Delhi Gymkhana club) to the Masala Mutton Chops with well-balanced spices that played off the meat delightfully, the starters are definitely the stars. 

The evening would remiss if the MVP of the restaurant, its chholey bhaturey, isn't given a go (yes, it's rich, but it's far less greasy than your average Joe version from the mean streets). We also tried a brain curry to be more interesting diners (it was Adventure Tuesday), and found it was more palatable than we imagined (it sort of tasted and had a texture much like paneer). 

Lastly, order a Creme Caramel for dessert. There really is no more old-school dessert in the book, and they do it delightfully. 

What Could Be Better

The cocktails were certainly nice, but, if you're used to the more outrageous, concept bars of the city, it may prove a bit simple for your palate. 


They have a beautiful, mezzanine floor—perfect for people watching. Also, try and sit closer to the piano if you're a music lover.. 


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