Cakes, Sandwiches & Fruit Popsicles At Creme N Crisp

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A division of the popular Kaleva sweet shops, Creme n Crisp does quality bakery products in Gole Market. Everything they serve, however, is vegetarian {even the cakes are eggless}.

Must Eat

Dessert and fast food are their main attractions. We loved the chocolate mousse and the cherry pudding.

They also have a range of baklavas, which are low on sweet, but rich in taste. For lunch on the go, try their salads or pizzas. And do pick up one of their quirky popsicles before you leave – they have options in frozen peach tea, mint and cucumber, a ‘fruitcicle’ with chunks of fresh fruit with a hint of pudina {we loved this}, and one in chocolate.

Must Drink

Choose one of their mocktails or milkshakes {don’t forget to ask for ice cream on a hot day}.

What We Loved

The bakery items are fresh and delicious, and there is a wide variety of options to choose from: They have pastries and snack foods, gift packs for special occasions, and chocolates and breads to be taken home. The place is also kept really tidy.

What Didn’t Impress Us

Their tables only seat two people at a time and this can be a problem for larger groups looking to sit and eat together.

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

The bakery is good for a quick bite of dessert {when is not a good time for that?} or a good ol’ sandwich whenever you’re in the area. However, early mornings and late afternoons will ensure you have a place to sit and nibble on more stuff in peace.


Creme n Crisp makes cakes on order and even has some lovely ones which are ready to be picked up whenever {handy when you’re facing a birthday/anniversary crisis}.


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