Feed Your Instagram & Your Soul: Cremeborne Is Delivering Now!

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What Makes It Awesome

Creme Borne is an ice cream parlour that’s ought to become your next sugary grub hub. They’ve got a black soft-serve with googly eyes, churros, waffles, and hot chocolate to put you in that sweet, heavenly slumber.

You’ll find Creme Borne’s bold, blue door in CP’s outer circle, a few steps away from Kake Da Hotel (for now, find them on Instagram). The lights and the colourful decor will be enough to lure you in, but believe us, you’re in for something even better.

You won’t find the conventional ice cream style or flavours here, but a colourful range of soft serves infused with cake batter, in flavours like cookie-dough, strawberry cheesecake & vanilla crust that are super decadent. They also put googly eyes and different toppings of your choice (think marshmallows, gems, sprinkles, crunchies and the like) on top.

They also told us they’ll be rotating flavours and introducing new ones every month. They’ve made the recipes and flavours all from scratch themselves with the help of their special in-house chef and we’ve gotta say—they nailed it. Their batter is made fresh every day—multiple times, in fact, since they run out of it through the day!

And just in case there’s any leftover batter, they give it to the underprivileged kids in the area because everyone deserves ice cream and we think that’s absolutely heartwarming.

What Could Be Better

Having a whole ice cream by yourself could be a bit too much – they're quite heavy.


They are open between 2PM - 11PM and taking orders within Delhi. You can place your orders by calling +91 9540217076.

Also, don't you worry as they are taking all the necessary measures to ensure safe delivery.


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