Want The Crispiest Dosas At 7:30am? Head To New Tamil Nadu House

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We were done with the south Indian fare at Sagar Ratna and Saravana Bhavan, so when we heard good things about Tamil Nadu House’s tiffin, we decided to test it out. We’re happy to report that the breakfast of crunchy dosas, vadas and filter coffee was everything it was made out to be, and much more.

Rice Above The Rest

Tamil Nadu House’s kitchen staff lights their steaming tawas real early, serving dosa-seekers from as early as 7.30am. While we can’t call ourselves early birds, we were there before 10am, making it possible to sample their onion rava dosa, ghee roast dosa, idli, dahi vada and chaach.

The ghee roast was the perfect brown colour, and was big enough to feed two medium-sized hungry stomachs. The onion rava was the crunchiest we’ve had, and the idlis a fluffy, breezy add-on.

If you’re used to the Punjabi chaat version of the dahi vada, you might not warm up to Tamil Nadu House’s authentic rendition without any sweet curd or chutney; in that case, it might be wise to stick to chaach.

The sambar and onion chutney were a refreshing change from what we’re used to, but if you go expecting them to be spicy and sour, you might find them lacking the quintessential Dilli kick. Authentic flavours and people; that’s pretty much what this place is about.

So We’re Saying…

We underwent a complete change of heart from “this batter be good” to “we’re coming back again and again”.

Other good things? There’s ample parking in the area, they have gobhi 65, mutton fry and Malabar parotta for lunch, and there’s always the south Indian thali that the regulars swear by.

If you aren’t a day bird, feel free to land up around dinner time {7pm – 10pm}.


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