#GoHereEatThis: Crispy Honey Chicken Pizza At Jughead's

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Jughead’s is a small almost hole-in-the-wall joint in the small Uday Park neighbourhood which serves a mish mash of Indian Chinese and Mughlai. A frequently overlooked part of their menu however holds perhaps the best thing: Crispy Honey Chicken Pizza.

Eat What?

Everyone loves pizza and we dilliwallas have a pretty obvious love for good ol’ Chinjabi. Jughead’s has gone ahead and combined these two things and created the perfect lovechild.

The Crispy Honey Chicken pizza has a fluffy thick pizza base {like your typical homemade pizzas}, with a generous smattering of tomato sauce with some tadka,lots of cheese, and chunks of honey-dipped fried chicken chunks to top it all off.

We’re loving this concoction with our Friday movie nights. With lots of bottles of beer {or Coke}, of course.

Pair It With

Butter chicken pizza for the ultimate gluttony, or balance it out with Jughead’s rich Chinese soups.


We’re not super fond of the ambience here so we’d suggest calling and ordering in.


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