Ten-Second Takeaway

Jughead’s is a small almost hole-in-the-wall joint in the small Uday Park neighbourhood which serves a mish mash of Indian Chinese and Mughlai. A frequently overlooked part of their menu however holds perhaps the best thing: Crispy Honey Chicken Pizza.

Eat What?

Everyone loves pizza and we dilliwallas have a pretty obvious love for good ol’ Chinjabi. Jughead’s has gone ahead and combined these two things and created the perfect lovechild.

The Crispy Honey Chicken pizza has a fluffy thick pizza base {like your typical homemade pizzas}, with a generous smattering of tomato sauce with some tadka, lots of cheese, and chunks of honey-dipped fried chicken chunks to top it all off.

We’re loving this concoction with our Friday movie nights. With lots of bottles of beer {or Coke}, of course.

Pair It With

Butter chicken pizza for the ultimate gluttony, or balance it out with Jughead’s rich Chinese soups.

#LBBTip: We’re not super fond of the ambience here so we’d suggest calling and ordering in.

Featured photo: Radhika Agarwal