Crosstrain Fight Club Keeps You In Shape And Teaches You To Put Up A Good Fight

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Crosstrain Fight Club is a fully functional mixed martial arts fight club and training facility. The owner, Siddharat Singh is a trained MMA {mixed martial arts} fighter specialising in jiu-jitsu.

What Are The Classes Like?

The classes are intense and include real sparring at the end. The trainers are excellent and give individual attention. The class size is average and the atmosphere is friendly.

You can check them out here.

Try Something New

Definitely try the rolling and sparring session with Siddharat. The best part about the club is the good atmosphere, the humble and educated trainers, and respect which everyone treats everyone with. Siddharat himself is a professional from London and a great instructor.

Who Is It For?

Mostly for people who are in to fitness and MMA. If you’re looking to learn a new form of martial arts or want to become a fighter, this place ideal for that.


Nearest metro station is Green Park and it’s a 5 minute auto ride from there!


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