Culinate: Healthy Breakfast & Dinner Delivered in Noida


    A relatively new joint, Culinate, owned by Rajiv Kumar, is the latest delivery-only breakfast offering in Noida.

    As Healthy as It Can Get

    The main motivation behind Culinate was to dish out nutritious food, made of healthy ingredients. They have got a nutritionist on board who’s helped them decide portion sizes. We ordered in from Culinate one fine morning; we loved the fact that they don’t use sauces in their dishes, and most of their stuff is made in-house, from scratch.

    The mayonnaise for example, is an in-house preparation made from Greek yogurt.

    Live Demos and Dreams

    The team at Culinate invited us to their kitchen to watch a live demonstration of how they prepare the food. They might be operating from a small setup, but their kitchen has all the latest equipment. All their vegetables and meat undergo a 7-step washing process {healthier than home?}.

    Breakfast Bonanza

    Our order included Breakfast on Thames {we admit, we went by the name with this one} and Arnold Press. The wholewheat bread served was rusk-like and crunchy; the omelette topped with cheese was fluffy; the portion of baked beans {freshly made, of course} was not extra sweet, but well-balanced. The chicken sausages were scrumptious. The mashed potatoes, however {note: they don’t mix any cream into this} were a little high on garlic, which we didn’t particularly enjoy.

    The eggless pancakes served with Acacia honey were heavenly. As far as the ricotta and soya sausages are concerned, we’ll be honest, it was a first for us and we prefer our meat any day. For dinner, we tried their Portuguese Fish platter with brown rice. The fish was fresh and the hot Piri Piri Sauce went well with the mildly flavoured rice. Their juices are pretty exceptional too, we’ve heard.

    What More?

    They go low on the spice quotient, so that you can modify the taste as per your liking. Expect lots of condiments with your meal and a wet tissue to clean up with. They send your bill on e-mail and are soon planning to roll out bills on SMS. We appreciate the paper-saving efforts.

    Dessert Doles

    A little birdie tells us that desserts like brown rice pudding and chia pudding are also on the cards. They’re also working on ready to cook boxes.


    Since most things are prepared in-house, it takes at least 60 minutes for delivery, so place your order accordingly.