Cupkin For Affordable Haathphools, Shoulder Dusters & Body Chains

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Head chains, hand chains, shoulder dusters, body chains…find them all here, and at great prices, too.

Afghani Kitschen

It ain’t easy being broke in this material world. That’s why we got really excited when we heard of Cupkin. A Gurgaon-based endeavour, sisters-in-law Sonali and Soniya both left cushy jobs in HR and private catering to make and sell jewellery, and there’s been no looking back.

Apart from a hand-painted range of earrings and neckpieces, Afghani jewellery, coin necklaces, a tassel range, and a fusion of Kutch and Afghani neckpieces, they make beautiful haathphools {hand chains, for the uninitiated}, shoulder dusters, hair extensions, tiaras and body chains. They release new collections as and when inspiration strikes, and much like Pokemon, we suggest you catch ’em all.

Fact: All the jewellery is made by the duo themselves. They do source raw material from Bangalore, Rajasthan and even Afghanistan, though.

The Good Stuff

They’re super-open to customising, which means that you can pick up your one-of-a-kind design here, and that too, without leaving large holes in your pockets. In their own words, “Cupkin aspires to be a brand for women looking to buy the latest trends, without cleaning out their bank accounts.” Well, Amen to that.

Price: Starting at INR 150