By Aditi Datta

Even though eulogising meals is practically a sport at this point, there are times in the week {usually on a busy Tuesday when slide 7 and slide 11 seem to belong to different conversations} that you just need a bit of fuel. No fuss, no muss, just some dal-sabzi-roti for the finish.

Curry in a Hurry was started by two trained gourmands, who simply wanted to see lunch simplified. This guiding motto has become the company’s official tagline, and their offerings find themselves at easily more than a hundred desks a day across Gurgaon. Curry in a Hurry keeps food, and the process of ordering it, as uncomplicated as you need it to be. Spill-proof, microwave-friendly trays contain all that a weekday thali should – a bit of dal or vegetable gravy, a dry vegetable or a chicken dish, roti, rice, salad and pickle. Dessert is optional – in a bid for deliberated calories, you have to make the conscious decision to choose it.

The menu changes every day and luckily, does not get too adventurous. Meals are prepared fresh from a central kitchen, and work as a perfect solution to smaller offices that aren’t set up with a cafeteria, making it only too easy for people to inch towards the restaurant option because more often than not, remembering to pack a dabba from home can make mornings more manic than ever, Monday or not.

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Round up a few colleagues and sign up for vegetraian or non-vegetarian lunch thalis, delivered stright to your desk, in easy, microwaveable food grade trays. Order daily, weekly or monthly, and expect a fresh, hot and healthy lunch that is no more or no less than anyone should need for a working day. Dessert optional.

For more information: Click here, or see the daily changing menu here.

Prices: Veg lunch thali at INR 85, non-veg lunch thali at INR 100. Delivery charge of INR 25 if you order less than three thalis.