Maanya posted on 8th June

Home Is Where The Hub Is: Bookmark These Restaurants, Bars & Bakeries In Cyber Hub

Cyber Hub has grown leaps and bounds and now, proudly, accommodates pubs, restaurants, cafes and bakeries. Here is the best of Cyber Hub – in one handy guide.


What: One of Delhi’s favourite Parsi restaurants

Why We Love It: Authenticity & their Mutton Berry Pulao

Made In Punjab

What: A North Indian restaurant

Why We Love It: For giving Butter Chicken the respect it deserves and their Dahi Kebabs

Panchavati Gaurav

What Is It: A pure-veg restaurant serving Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine

Why We Love It: For easy access to the ultimate comfort food, khichri.


What Is It: With almost 1,000 Nando’s outlets across the world, of course we can count on having one in Cyber Hub.

Why We Love It: Peri Peri Chicken and Chicken Wings

Pita Pit

What Is It: A joint that churns budget-friendly pita pockets and shawarma.

Why We Love It: For being easy on the pocket

Fast Food Restaurants

Kebab Express

What Is It: A kebab joint that’s great for takeaway meals.

Why We Love It: It’s perfect for a quick Dal Makhani fix.

Fast Food Restaurants

Burma Burma

What Is It: The only Burmese restaurant in Cyber Hub

Why We Love It: Despite their all-vegetarian menu, we don’t miss meat at all. Yep, the food is that good.

Dhaba - Estd 1986 Delhi

What Is It: Dhaba-style food, with a hint of 5-star pizzazz

Why We Love It: For their melt-in-the-mouth Galouti kebabs and a tall glass of Lassi.

Indigo Delicatessen

What Is It: One of Mumbai’s famous casual dining, restro-bars, Indigo Deli lives up to its reputation.

Why We Love It: Perfect pizzas, homemade ice creams and cocktails that guarantee all of the tipsy, but none of the hangover {if you drink in moderation, of course}.

Oh! Calcutta

What Is It: Looking to familiarise yourself with Bengali cuisine? This is the restaurant to go to.

Why We Love It: For their buffet spread.

Olive Bistro

What Is It: A restaurant that’s well-known for its outdoor seating and Sangria.

Why We Love It: This is a fail-safe boozy brunch option in G-Town.


What Is It: An easy-breezy Italian restaurant that’s great for a mid-range meal.

Why We Love It: Fresh pasta and a big slice of Tiramisu.

Cafe Delhi Heights

What Is It: A Delhi-themed cafe that celebrates big, bold flavours.

Why We Love It:  For their super popular Juicy Lucy burger and breakfast spread.

Not Just Paranthas

What Is It: Despite its name, parathas are the star at this restaurant.

Why We Love It: For Chur Chur Naan and chuskis.


What Is It: A super chill bar, with good vibes and great music.

Why We Love It: Their Ladies Nights {organised every Sunday}, as well as their Karaoke sessions!


What Is It: A microbrewery that does both beer and Asian fare right.

Why We Love It: For their four distinct brews and gig nights.

The Wine Company

What Is It: Always whining for wine? This is where to go.

Why We Love It: Wine for every budget, interesting Sangria options {like Peach Melba} and Bacon Chorizo Risotto.

Hard Rock Cafe

What Is It: A bit of a legend when it comes to bars in the city, Hard Rock Cafe has been around for a long, long time.

Why We Love It: Hard Rock Cafe still hosts super fun gigs and offers tempting happy hour deals from time to time.

Farzi Cafe

What Is It: Delicious food, presented beautifully, with the added twist of molecular gastronomy.

Why We Love It: For the Britannia Cheesecake & Duck Samosas.

The Beer Cafe

What Is It: This watering hole serves 50 different beers from 19 different countries.

Why We Love It: So. Much. Beer.

Sutra Gastropub

What Is It: A favourite with Cyber Hub regulars, Sutra Gastropub is great for a laid-back evening.

Why We Love It: Consistency – we’ve always had a good time here.


What Is It: ‘Quaff’ means ‘to drink heartily’ and that’s exactly what you’ll end up doing at this microbrewery.

Why We Love It: The wheat beer is a winner!


What Is It: A casual bar with a really pretty rooftop.

Why We Love It: The ambience is first-date appropriate.


What Is It: Originally from Mumbai, Theobroma is well-loved all over India {primarily because of their melt-in-the-mouth brownies}.

Why We Love It: For their breakfast offerings {croissants, pancakes and coffee!}, in addition to the cakes and bakes.

Cafes & Coffee Shops


What Is It: A Lebanese restaurant.

Why We Love It: Their use of organic ingredients, the Trio Hummus with Pita and their thin crust pizzas.

The People & Co.

What Is It: A comedy club that’s run by the same people who set up Canvas Laugh Club in Mumbai.

Why We Love It: It’s a fantastic way to round off a long work week, with lots of laughs and whisky!

Chai Point

What Is It: A safe space for tea lovers, Chai Point is great when you’re craving a steaming cup of masala chai.

Why We Love It: Chai pairs well with Vada Pav, which they do quite well too.

Fast Food Restaurants

Little Foodhall

What Is It: A premium foods store, with a little cafe as well.

Why We Love It: In addition to stocking super foods, dry fruit and fancy teas, there cafe makes for a lovely little pit stop if you’re early for a meeting in the hub.

Red Mango

What Is It: A fro-yo place where you make your own yogurt combos and pay by weight.

Why We Love It: In addition to yogurt, they also have lots of snacks on their menu {like low-cal parfaits and breakfast options}.

Krispy Kreme

What Is It: Cyber Hub has a Krispy Kreme outlet and their doughnuts help us overcome Monday morning blues.

Why We Love It: For their novelty flavours like Red Velvet & Iced Rainbow Chips doughnuts.


What Is It: A virtual gaming hub.

Why We Love It: For a game of twilight bowling on their UV-lit alley.


What Is It: We see your Caramel Frappuccino and raise you a Java Chip Frappuccino.

Why We Love It: What isn’t there to love about Starbucks?

Cafes & Coffee Shops


What Is It: India’s first ever IHOP outlet opens at Cyber Hub – 10 points to Gurgaon.

Why We Love It: For satiating surprise pancake cravings {IHOP is open till midnight}.


What Is It: Of South Extension fame, the Circus comes to Gurgaon with their first outlet at Cyber Hub.

Why We Love It: For their quirky take on street food {Palak Patta Chaat, we’re looking at you}.