Got A Friend's Wedding To Go To? Dabka Dori Will Have You Sorted

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What Makes It Awesome

It's great for anyone looking for wedding wear that's definitely more on the ornate side, but there are some classic options in the mix as well. You'll find a plethora of kurtas and anarkalis here, but this isn't really the place for saris or lehngas.

About their anarkali collection, don't go in expecting anything but bling. If you're more subtle than sequin swag, honestly don't even bother rifling through these. You'll also find a lot of the more traditionally 'bridal' hues on these racks; think sunset oranges, carnation pinks and watermelon reds. All, of course, riddled with intricate zariwork, embellishments and embroidery and in mostly georgettes, chiffons, and some silks.

The less fussy kurtas (more suited to attending a wedding) are silk with embroidery and foil work for the most part. You'll find these in more conservative than risque silhouettes (think longer sleeves, higher necklines, comfortable - not fitted - tailoring) through a larger range of colours (here's where your jewel tones and blue-greens are hiding).

What Could Be Better

Honestly, some more nice solids would've been great.

How Much Did It Cost


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