Chef Kelvin Cheung's 1st Delhi Venture Will Leave You Spellbound

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What Makes It Awesome

We've all seen celebrities go ga-ga over Chef Kelvin Cheung's food on Instagram and been jealous of Bombay peeps for their Bastian outings. But with Dadel, his first cocktail bar in Basant Lok market, the tables seem to have turned. 

Taking inspiration from Daedalus, Greek mythology's skillful craftsman and artist, Dadel is built like a labyrinth with a flamboyant bar occupying the centre stage and private-esque spaces on the side which make you feel like you're part of the scene and yet, gives you the luxury of an exclusive area. The seating (especially the bar chairs) is super comfortable and a far cry from the usual lounges in Delhi. Extra points for the risque and OTT wall art.

Coming to the bits of the bar that'll keep you coming back: cocktails and food. Designed by celebrity mixologist Bartosz Jakowiec, the cocktail menu combines herbs, fruits, tea, and alcohol in a way that doesn't feel heavy on the palate and the cocktails are delicious enough to keep you going back for more. They make their infusions and syrups in-house and that freshness really shines through. Favourites? While all of them are top-notch, we're going back for 'Higher and Higher' and 'Puzzle'.

All of these cocktails were accompanied by Chef Kelvin Cheung's wonderful tasting menu that celebrates modern Asian cuisine. From the fresh Norwegian salmon to the ultra-soft pork belly, Dadel's food is super fun and flavourful, and the combinations are extremely unique. You can go for the subtle flavour of the tuna or the jazzy mouthfeel of Asian jerk chicken wings depending on what you're drinking and of course, what you're in the mood for. What stayed with us long after the meal was how incredibly simple and fresh the ingredients were and how well the food's distinct flavour enhanced our whole experience.

Dadel is open from 7 PM - 1 AM on all days. Parking space is available in the market and Vasant Vihar on Magenta Line is the nearest metro station.

What Could Be Better

We would love to see the bakery area up and running super soon. The chef gave us a glimpse of his brilliance with freshly baked cookies which we swiped right off the plate. 


Ask the bartender to surprise you with something off the menu. You won't be disappointed.