Dana Choga's Kitchen, For When You're Feeling Homesick

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DCK is definitive comfort desi khana for those moments when a cheesy pizza or greasy chilli chicken will just not do, and a nostalgic dal tadka and reassuring paratha is just what your heart desires when you are at home, yet far away from family.

Must Eat

You could start with some smashingly succulent tikkas if you please, but I like to dive straight into the mains here. The Paneer Adrak Hara Dhaniya is my perpetual order on repeat: Mild, creamy and satisfying with just that teeny punch of ginger. Carnivores can rejoice with the in-house recommended Chicken Chatkara, which is as enjoyable as it sounds.

I also sampled the Alu Damdaar and Chana Masala, and both combined the ease of homestyle with the flair of a Punjabi dhaba with great élan. Pair your gravies with tawa or tandoori rotis, or get a bit adventurous with the Rampuri paratha- which is manna from heaven for spice lovers.

Must Drink

The intriguingly named drinks section, Gatta Gat comprises the usual suspects, and we chose a pink lemonade to ease our post prandial coma.

What We Loved

The super-efficient call centre, ordering mechanism and confirmation of our food. The food also arrives on the dot, in exactly the promised time.

What Didn't Impress Us

They need new additions to the menu! No one really does such distinctive mom-style desi, and we would love to see more traditional fare served up while we lounge around at home.


Meal for one options make for a great way to sample two-three chart busters in one go. Ask for current promotions when you dial in and you might get rewarded with a sweet deal.


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