6 Silver Shops You HAVE To Head To In The Famous Dariba Lane

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A 17th century market lane that has silver stores fighting to be noticed, the wares here cost at least 25 percent less than what it goes for in main markets. We went through the lane gushing, haggling and shopping for trinkets, and here’s the lowdown for you readers.

Dau Dayal & Co

The owners will welcome you with jaljeera and water bottles before you get down to business. We saw a wide range of silverware and utensils here, along with sets of small silver boxes to keep bits and bobs in. We also saw a silver purse for INR 30,000, so we’ll just put it on our wish list for now.

They also have really fancy packaging and they help you make up your mind if you’re unsure about what to buy.

Price: Rings at INR 250 onwards, and earrings at INR 450 onwards

Jain Silver Arts Jewellery

As college girls, we went to this tiny shop for the inexpensive ear studs and nose rings {and the charming owner}. Now, they’ve shifted to one end of the lane near Old Famous Jalebi Wala {also, YUM!}.

We still visit this shop time and again for earrings, rings and other jewellery {in silver and semi-precious stones}, and they have designs that you won’t find anywhere else in the area. We’re permanently lusting after their stunning heavy necklaces and pachhelis {think florals, kitschy elephants and filigree work}.

Price: Rings at INR 250 onwards, and earrings at INR 450 onwards

Sheel Jewellers

The best part about this market is that they do custom work. Though it will cost you slightly more, because customised silver jewellery requires more expertise {they have to create new moulds}, you will be amazed with the quality of work and of course, all raw material is guaranteed 92.5 sterling silver.

We’ve got rings and pendants made from this oldie {but goody} and waited for the ‘likes’ to pour in. The filigree workers take a couple of days to a week to complete their work, so be prepared to wait a bit if you’re getting jewellery customised or engraved.

Price: Customised rings at INR 350, and earrings at INR 500

Regalia Jewellery House

Move over Amrapali, because we found something with a similar aesthetic in the middle of these busy lanes. Elegant brass and silver jewellery by Regalia is designed by their own team and manufactured in Mumbai. The brass pieces here have a matte gold finish, encrusted with semi-precious stone work. The silver work is lot heavier, though we preferred the contemporary Indian look of the brass jewellery.

And the best part? We found little trinkets worth INR 450 too!

Price: Rings at INR 250 onwards, and earrings at INR 450 onwards

Jaina Sons

A spot for exquisite Nepali and Tibetan jewellery, we keep going back for their intricate silver work and economical prices. They usually keep a lot of Tibetan art and handicrafts too. They have a section for old, semi-precious and vintage jewellery as well, but we suggest that you head straight for their stellar neckpieces. We also loved their tiny tortoise rings in minakari.

Price: Rings at INR 250 onwards, and earrings at INR 450 onwards

Multan Jewellers

This is a wholesale silver shop where you can get plates, dishes, cups, glasses and almost all other crockery in bulk. We usually go here to find ear studs and bangles, but we find lots of customers coming in to buy gifts and puja things.

Price: On request


You will find small ittar shops here too, so do pick up some au natural perfumes. Dariba is a must visit for those who are looking to buy silverware or even bridal jewellery, since these shops cater to all kinds of silver and gem needs.

Where: Chandni Chowk, Delhi-6 {Take a rickshaw from the metro, since finding parking is difficult}

Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk

Timings: 11am – 7pm {Closed on Sundays}


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