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Develop Negatives & Create Amazing BW Photos With This Vintage Editing App

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What Makes It Awesome

Most of us will probably never enter a darkroom and feel the joy of developing our own film by hand. But thanks to Darkr, an almost comparable digital experience is now possible. 

Developed by Magnus Carlsson and available only on iOS, Darkr is a vintage BW film editor that lets us create black and white images of existing photos and also click new ones. How does it differ from your regular BW filters, you ask? Well, in a lot of ways. In Darkr, you 'handcraft' your photos by first selecting the best strip out of the given options, then setting a contrast, cropping/rotating the image, dodging (making a selected part of the image brighter), burning (making a selected part of the image darker), using toners like sepia or selenium, and adding layer effects which can be individually edited. It sure sounds like a lot, but once you see the quality of the final image, you'll realise it was all worth it. 'stand out images' is what Darkr promises and it sure delivers on that promise.

The app also has various photography lessons like composition, rule of thirds, leading lines, triangles, rule of odds, negative space, and symmetry, which will help you become a better photographer for sure. 

What Could Be Better

The app can get a little irritating with its constant push to buy the pro version. Those pop-ups can be toned down a bit.


While you can test out the free version of the app with decent results, we strongly recommend going in for the pro version for the best output. For a one-time charge of INR 299, it isn't expensive either.