This Shahpur Jat Store Has Stuff That's Totally Pinterest-Worthy

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Dastakaari Studio is a store in Shahpur Jat that's full of handmade home decor. Their ceramic cups, storage tins, lamps and cushions covers could easily be on a popular decor magazine.

What Makes It Awesome

You’ll be greeted by handmade, hand-painted ceramics as soon as you enter. Of these, the mugs with gold handles stood out the most.

Their rugs are really something else—choose from jute, patchwork and even denim. They use a lot of re-purposed wood to create new furniture (they had a solid, grungy bench when we visited) and occasionally pick up discarded scrap like bike parts and helmets to create funky lamps (they even have an army ammunition inspired lamp). 

The prices aren’t dirt-cheap, but they’re not sky high either. You can get a mug for around INR 350.

Whether you’re looking for something for your home, a whole makeover, or just a small gift for a housewarming party, Dastakaari Studio will, in all likeliness, have something for you. We think their products lend a certain warmth to any space.

What Could Be Better

They do not have an online store, where you can browse through all of their products. For all the lazy folks out there, this might be a bit of a problem. But we promise, the drive to the store will be worth it. 

Pro Tip

These guys can even customise stuff for you (but mostly only for bulk orders).


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