Intense Workout? Rest & Recover With These Tools Available At Decathlon

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You might think that your commitment to working out means always being in ‘Beast Mode’, but your body needs a lot of post workout TLC so you can get back out there fast and strong. Try some of these recovery tools so you can really stretch your muscles and hit your fitness goals harder.

Foam Rollers

This is basically like having a portable massage therapist. Foam rolling, or self-myofascial release, is one of the best things to happen. The roller releases tension in your muscles by mobilising the soft tissues and it also helps improve your range of motions and flexibility. You can find many types of foam rollers – with or without grids.

Lacrosse Ball

Deadlifts at the gym left you feeling dead? Or maybe you did a 5k run in the morning and have cramped up? A lacrosse ball can efficiently break up muscle knots and reduce tension from specific areas on your body and is an absolute must-have for your gym bag.

Floss Band Or Voodoo Band

This is nothing short of magic. The mobility floss stimulates the skin, muscles and improves blood supply using compression. It almost immediately releases joint soreness and pains which makes it not only of great use to fitness enthusiasts but also useful to those who are recovering from certain injuries {obviously, we suggest you consult a doctor before you start using this}.

Massage Stick

A massage stick, or flexible rolling stick, is a lot like the foam roller but, while the foam roller is good at targeting trigger points the massage stick covers a larger muscle area. Instead of using your body weight to mobilize it, like in the case of a foam roller, a massage stick has to be pushed by hand and rolled over the sore and tense areas. It’s compact and travel-friendly making it an awesome option for globetrotting fitness buffs.


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