Deck Up An Old Outfit With These Pretties From Chandni Chowk

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Wedding season is upon us and we’re all scrounging around for outfits. Whereas your best friend’s wedding calls for a splurge at your favourite designer boutique, some obligatory invitations just don’t inspire us enough to invest that kind of dough {you know it’s true}.

So we’ve taken it upon us to make do with what we have, with a few minor changes of course. Take out that plain ol’ salwar kameez or that dull sari and dress it up with borders, buttons and more. All at nominal prices from our evergreen favourite, Kinari Bazar at Chandni Chowk.


These danglers come in all shapes, sizes and colours and instantly glam up the drabbest of outfits. Choose from mini pom poms to long beaded wonders to bird-shaped ones to even dream catchers.

These are typically attached on a dori of a blouse or a choli but we say let your creativity take the decisions- stitch them to the end of dupattas, edge of kurtas or even as a centrepiece on your kurta.

You’ll see these everywhere in Kinari Bazar but we’re partial towards the guy selling them on a thela across Ghanshyam Ram Dass. One latkan can come for as low as INR 50.


Contrary to popular belief, sequins don’t have to be bling {but if bling is your thing, go ahead and shine bright like a diamond}. They also come in muted brass and plastic. You can absolutely transform an outfit with a packet of these.

Scatter them all over a plain outfit, make a sequinned border or make little motifs or flowers if you know of  a very skilled tailor.

#LBBTip: You may want to check out this one shop at Dariba Kalan for these, in addition to Kinari Bazar. They have all the variety ever. Look for Regalia and search on the opposite side.


Ever heard of the phrase ‘cute as button’? There’s a reason it exists. Because, buttons are great. And when they come in funky shapes, mosaic-like patterns, hexagonal dull gold and shiny pearly variants, exciting outfits can be created.

Starting at INR 50 for a packet, you’re really getting quite the steal here. We recommend Ajudia Parkash Madan Mohan Moti Wale {2054 Kinari Bazar}.


The easiest and most effective way to spruce up any piece of clothing: Add an ornate border to it. And with Kinari Bazar storing everything from plain ribbons to gota to golden birds and paisley prints, you have a world to choose from, really. Just, mix, match and make magic.

Better start now, before the tailors’ schedules get super jammed up.


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