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Talking Spaces | En Inde, Meherchand Market

Suchita posted on 14th November

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By Bani Chawla

Even when I'm not shopping, I thoroughly enjoy strolling through well done up spaces. There's something wonderful and inspiring about walking into a space that sets your mind racing, transports you to another place, lifts your mood, and gets you to go back to the drawing board and reconstruct your own space. Stores in Delhi have started giving much needed heed to developing an identity through their design, and have aesthetically evolved tremendously. We’re bringing you a collection of spaces that exude character and brilliance in design.

First up is En Inde; a multidisciplinary store focusing on jewelry that represents Anupama and Sonal’s {Founder & Director respectively} vision of India through a mixture of contrasting materials. The store has a loft/studio like look to it. Even though there's a lot on display - from clothes to their exquisite jewelry, beauty products, crockery and other home accessories - the space feels open and expansive. It's a beautiful integration of minimalism and clutter.

Heavily inspired and driven by an ‘industrial’ theme, Anupama and Sonal have done up En Inde meticulously, with great emphasis on materials that reflect ‘India under construction’- therefore metal, steel and brick work. We’re talking back to basics, with exposed brick walls that are given an unfinished and raw look; metal framed glass windows that extend from the ceiling to the floor, allowing an abundance of natural light to flow in; concrete cement {RCC} tiles used as a shelf support; a cement {RCC} finish given on their main counter; reclaimed wood table cabinets and other oddities that perfectly balance out the softness added by the wood to the roughness of the brick and metal work. It sums up a perfect description for industrial style.

The color palette they've used here is white, black, beige and brown, with metal and grey coming through with the jewelry and other décor accessories. The emerald green of trees and plants outside give the space a pop of color, creating a connect with the natural environment, almost inviting it into the space.

En Inde challenges the stereotypical notion of a store - sure, it's a retail space, but there's a sense of intimacy that's been created by Anupama. In all my trips there, I've found myself whiling away time, browsing through racks and shelves, simply immersed in its aura. There are few places that accomplish this, Goodearth being another example, though it's poles apart in decor and theme. To want to linger and soak in the vibe of a store is, according to me, the greatest compliment one can give it, and En Inde receives this in multiples.


En Inde-lighting

{Simple, straight and clean lines – sticking to minimalism yet striking to the eye. The white one resembling an origami shape of a bird.}


Blending In



{Bringing the outside – inside; a natural composition of greenery and light that adds a peaceful vibe to the space. The store is long in length and both sides have floor length windows with beaming light coming through.}

Going Concrete


{The main counter as you enter the store has been left unfinished, with a rough concrete look used to display the beautiful handcrafted jewelry in a glass and wood top casing, which adds more dimension to the concrete counter.}


A vintage find | Card Catalog Cabinet


{A steel mid – century card catalog cabinet just adds more depth to the industrial loft. This cabinet is a true treasure, so vintage and so industrial!}


The Balancing Element | Wood


{The reclaimed wooden cabinet, dining table and wooden shelves resting on concrete slabs break the monotony of metal, adding a soft balance.}

Wood-en-inde{The antique mirror taking over a corner along with burlap curtains make for a quaint trial room.}


Interesting Corners


{Bent ply chairs, an iron cupboard, rolled up rugs and round pots styled together make for a cozy corner in the industrial zone.}



{An array of colorful scarves rolled and hung on a metal rod make for an attractive display.}


{A layered dimension is used to display the jewelry, shoes and bags. Starting with a jewelry stand used to support the intricate neck pieces and a wood paneled glass box.}



{Straight lined, minimal tables of steel are used to display the accessories seen in the images.}



{Other accessories on display}






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Lodhi Colony

25/126, Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

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Lodhi Colony