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This Decor Store Is Like Ali Baba's Cave Where No Two Things Are The Same!


    It takes a very compelling reason for us to venture into Sultanpur, and we’d say, Aavaara Zingaara totally makes the cut. This decor store housed inside a two floor villa, it’s full of furniture, crockery, artworks, clothes, jewellery and artefacts that have been lovingly collected from all over the world.

    Finding Order In The Chaos

    Being inside this whimsical and free-spirited store is nothing short of an overwhelming experience. We spent the first few minutes just trying to gather ourselves after our hearts and eyes pulled us in different directions. Zingaara’s many treasures instantly made us feel like a child in a candy store. The store opened around October last year, with Aastha and her mum shifting everything from their erstwhile barn. A whole year was spent in sifting and sorting, creating new products in their workshop and finally transporting cartons full of delicate stuff. It’s not difficult to see how maddening it might have been because every shelf and the smallest corner has some odds and ends. The furniture and artefacts have been collected from Italy, UK, Bali, France, Germany, and over the course of the family’s many travels. Of course, the mum is an interior decorator – and that adds a certain charm to this manic {but super-fascinating curation} cave. Aastha herself is a textile designer by profession, and has now started her own apparel line that’s got dresses, tops, skirts, kurtas and more. Her focus is on comfy, breathable fabrics, and she can get anything customised in your size in just two days {she has her tailors working with the carpenters in their workshop}.

    Be Prepared To Be Enamoured

    From mismatched crockery {there’s literally a room dedicated to beautiful ceramic pots and pans} to couches and lamps to a typewriter from the 1900’s and carpets from Persia, this space is really like Ali Baba’s cave – the more you see, the more you’ll find here. Aastha also told us that she wants this to be a space for artists to come and seek inspiration, and discover the most rare finds. If you’re wondering whether everything here costs the moon, let us tell give you some price points. The clothes start at INR 1,200, you can find earrings at 1NR 100 and we found a vintage wooden dresser priced at INR 20k {this would have been at least 10k more at the showrooms on the main road}. The paintings {some of which have been brought from France and Italy} can go up to a few thousands. A set of two pretty chairs was for 40k, and a comfy blue couch for INR 50k. So, you’ll just need some hours to find things in your budget – but your patience will be rewarded. Also, we saved the best for the last. These folks are going to open a cafe with an outdoor space very soon.

    So, We're Saying...

    We can’t wait for the cafe to open {we’re told that it’s a stunner around sunsets}. This will give us one more reason to while away the hours, exploring one room and one corner at a time. P.S. They are hoping to have the cafe up and running with coffee, cookies, sandwiches and small bites by next month. We’ll obviously keep you posted.