Where To Score The Best Decor In Sarojini Nagar

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While Sarojini is our go-to for cheap, fast fashion, it has some undiscovered home decor treasures every house-proud person should know about. Whether you’re setting up a new place, or revamping an old one, you can do it on the cheap and in style at this set of Sarojini shops.

A.M. Fabs (India)

You’ll find a fair few tacky furnishing shops in Sarojini Nagar, doing gaudy purple satins and murky green rayons with prints so hideous they belong on an trying-too-hard aunty. But A.M. Fabs deals in softer, less eye-grating fabrics and colours – think nice, white linen, cottons and such, with easy prints and not-overpowering motifs. The prices here are very decent (but not throwaway cheap), for example, starting at INR 75 for a cushion cover, but one that’s made to be of lasting quality. They can take care of most furnishing and house linen needs – from bed covers, bedspreads and pillowcases to tablecloths, mini durries and more. You’ll find it tucked away amidst many dress-and-denim sellers, but it’s worth the excavation.

Phone Number: 011-26874915, 074281 22105

Sakshi Export Collection

While I was scouring the market for decor gems, I put these guys on my Insta story. The response was massive and instantaneous. Within the span of half an hour, close to 25 people had messaged me along the lines of ‘Where?! I need nice, cheap curtains’. This shop sells only curtain (in myriad fabrics), and has everything from bright, pop colours to light, summer textures. While their prints are nice, they have a very good solid-colour selection. Their curtains start at INR 500 a pop, and go up to INR 1,800 tops. They have the kind of styles and motifs you might find at a Good Earth, at a fraction of the price. This is easy enough to miss, so keep an eye out in the vegetable market. Also, make sure to ask for Subhash – he’s almost always at the store.

Phone Number: 011-2410 3994, 098913 05776

Blue Star Fashionist

Go to Blue Star fashionist if you want a furnishing shop with range. You’ll find most colours, fabrics and sizes at this star, and you don’t have to wade into the depths of the market to get there. While a little more expensive than A.M. Fabrics {India} overall, it definitely has more choices {though not always as good}. To give you a sense of the place, cushion covers start at INR 100 and bedsheets at INR 300, but the fabrics seem decent. You’ll find a lot more prints here than solid colours, and it admittedly takes a little digging to find something on the subtler side  – but a big plus is that it spares you a full-on trek of the market innards.

Phone Number: 098111 07226

Wooden Handicrafts

This shop was a chance discovery after I thought I had my favourite five {and rejected four} decor shops in the market all sorted. I was headed out of the market through one of the gallis and saw this stall that was almost hidden in the shadows of the mini lane. This stall had rows of lights, lanterns and lamps in neat order hanging down almost like a wall, with dream-catchers, wall clocks and vintage telephones strewn in the mix. What I loved most was the little collection of of cool bicycle-shaped table clocks {like the one I clearly bought and am holding below} and wrought-iron and wood rickshaws that can double as little baskets to keep keys and such. Prices don’t mean much here, because the guy started out by quoting INR 1,800 for the table clock-bicycle you see here, but I eventually paid him INR 600. So, really, your bargaining chops are the price range at Wooden Handicrafts.

Phone Number: 098117 50181, 095821 94548

Crockery Guy Opposite Shop No 132, and New Sindhi Namkeen & Dry Fruit

This great guy who doesn’t believe in shop numbers and cellphones has (as I discovered post chatting with him) already been featured by us. Since we first spoke to him in May 2017, his prices and quality have both not varied drastically – nor has the fact that he is still phone-less. However, New Sindhi Namkeen & Dry Fruit is a great, neon-lit landmark that’ll lead you right to him.


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