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Delhi Festival has Been Announced for November 2016

Kasturi posted on 4th March

Along the lines of similar international festivals—like the Singapore Festival and Dubai Festival—being held all over the world, Delhi Tourism Minister Kapil Mishra has announced a Delhi Festival for this November.

The Hindu has reported that the festival will showcase the heritage and culture of Delhi, along with being a shopper’s paradise. This mega-international festival will also be aggressively building and promoting ‘Brand Delhi’, August onwards.

The Delhi government is going to appoint a brand ambassador, launch a television campaign, slogans and much more. And all of these will find a mention in the Delhi budget too. Kapil Mishra also expanded on how the government will get in touch with major agencies to help out with a festival of such large proportions.

And the best part? There are two brand new, completely exclusive venues popping up for cultural events in the city. Kapil Mishra mentioned that, “Delhi has everything that makes it a world-class tourist destination; it’s not about making it a world-class city but managing it, publicising it. It is about letting people know and providing them a world-class experience when they are here.”

Trying to make tourists from Jaipur and Agra flock to our beloved city, we can look forward to the Delhi administration bringing about some fun changes in the coming months.

Read the full report by The Hindu here.