Delhi Food Walks


    Okay, so foreigners be slightly wary of the infamous Delhi Belly, and locals, what’s better than a tour dedicated to food. Tours are customised to meet your time and date preferences; they conduct weekly expeditions based on local fare, which include Old Delhi’s most celebrated joins, street food from Chandni Chowk, local delights in Kamala Nagar, a breakfast trail, dry fruit in a spice market, kebabslangar style dining, State bhawans, Tibetan treats at Majnu Ka Tila, Bengali fare, and on demand cooking classes to help better understand Indian Cuisine {there’s so much more we can’t possibly list}. There’s drool everywhere. Food walks have an endless supply of sanitiser {dont be scared} and bottled water, and experts who know their food and food culture. Because everything great started over food.

    To view their full list of walks, and how you can grab a piece, click here.