Don't Call Yourself A Delhi Girl Unless You've Shopped At These 10 Stores

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Growing up in Delhi means you’ve had a few set stores you’ve been visiting for years now. You simply must’ve gone to Silofer’s with a friend to get a spontaneous piercing or Forever 21 with your girl gang before a party. For old time’s sake, we jotted down a few stores that every woman in Delhi has probably been to at some point. While new things opening in the city is always exciting, here are some stores you’ll find us constantly going back to.

Forever 21

From printed rompers to boots to your basics {we all have those Forever 21 tights}, everyone’s shopped here more than once. We all have some item of clothing from here, and some of us probably have too many for our own good.


Silver jewellery always means Silofer – as does getting a piercing. Your mum’s definitely brought you here to pick up earrings, or you’ve accompanied your BFF to have a piercing done.


For pretty Indian clothes and your basic kurtas, W always has your back. You know you’ve been here at some point to pick up some wardrobe staples.


Before we ordered everything to our doorstep from Nykaa, visiting the mall always called for a pit stop at Sephora. They’ve always had a fantastic collection, and we’re sure everyone’s been here {or dragged by their friends} at least once.


They won everyone over with their gorgeous prints – now they have us wrapped around their finger with their home collection. We’d like to sit in their pretty kurtas sipping tea out of their earthen mugs for days.

The Body Shop

We’ve all got our fair share of lip balms, body butters and perfumes from them. It’s hard to go in and not come out with a bunch of things you certainly don’t need. Goes without saying that they do some of the nicest scented toiletries ever.


How often are you wearing the same outfit as someone else in the city? H&M has every kind of woman shopping there, and they have everything for everyone, we all have their solid coloured T-shirts.

Meena Bazar

School farewells and weddings always meant you needed to make a pit-stop at Meena Bazar. They have a great collection, and they’ve always made sari shopping so much easier for us.


They’ve always had everything – clothes, shoes, accessories all at affordable prices. Everyone always has that one fantastic piece of clothing they’ve bought from here.


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