From Guitar To Cello: We Found The Perfect Place For Professional Music Lessons

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What Makes It Awesome

Delhi School of Music in Chanakyapuri is not just a place of repute, but will also fit right into your tight schedule if you’ve been avoiding enrolling yourself for classes because of a hectic schedule. The Delhi School of Music caters to 1300 to 1400 in a year, which speaks quite highly of their reputation. They’ve got some of the most accredited individuals on their faculty, for the different courses they offer.

From guitar, violin, cello, piano to even singing and ballet, Delhi School of Music should be your go-to place if you’ve been meaning to get in touch with your artistic side. Even though they are open throughout the week, they take only one, individual class of 40 to 55 minutes per week depending on your course. This means that if you’re a working individual, taking classes here would not mess with your hectic schedule. If anything, this would be a rather good activity to de-stress.

The ballet class, in fact, happens for an hour on Sundays and is super do-able if you’ve got too much on your plate on weekdays. Moreover, they have two types of classes one of which is for beginners and the other for seniors (which would also give you a diploma degree). You can choose according to your own ability. 

What Could Be Better

These guys go by a one-class-a-week schedule, so if you're looking for more hands-on learning with multiple classes through the week, this might not be the best option. 

Pro Tip

You would have to give an exam at the end of every term, and your promotion to the next level will depend on how many marks you score. The admission form is priced at INR 1,500. The rest of the fee depends entirely on your course, but all of it is affordable.