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Delhi Secret Supper Club - Keeping You Guessing Who's Coming to Dinner

    Picture this – you get an email inviting to you to dinner at a restaurant, but it doesn’t say which one. You’re told there will be 20 other people from your city, but you don’t know whom. You don’t really know who the host is, but you’re given a deadline for an RSVP.

    What did we do when we got this email? Hells say yes of course!

    We were intrigued by the MO of the now much talked about Delhi Secret Supper Club. Could it be the whole secrecy angle, or the super fun emails they send out, or the fact that supper is always in a public space that makes one feel ok about RSVPing in the affirmative? Of course, we decided to dig deeper.

    Started in 2013, the club is run by a bunch of travel and food enthusiasts, who on one vacay, after many margaritas, decided they wanted to switch things up in the Delhi social scene, but remain mysterious about it all. No we don’t know who they are, but we do know that the Ops crew in Delhi has, at some point, lived in different parts of the globe, and team deux operates out of Mumbai. So it’s safe to say they’re pretty well-equipped to curate some crazy good suppers.

    Why’d they do this? For all the love we have for our own cliques, they know it’s always interesting to meet new people, and start new, interesting conversations. The suppers are invite-only affairs; guests are from all walks of life, and are assessed on parameters such as the work they do, wit, passion, and their experiences. DSSC’s agenda is to ensure that everyone at the table will be likely to get along in some capacity, and will bring a level of fun and stimulation to the table. For everything else, there’s a carefully curated {and rather extensive} cocktail menu. The best part – you never really know if one of the hosts even showed up to dinner!

    Props to DSSC – Now that’s what we call skill.

    Think you might want to attend a Delhi Secret supper? You can email them at with a little something about yourself and why you should be part of the Club.

    Find out more from their Facebook page here