These Street Kids Have Been Trained To Give Tours & We Can't Wait To Be Shown Their Version Of Delhi

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The Salaam Bharat Trust {SBT} has set up a walk in hopes of uplifting the street children of Delhi by teaching them to converse in English and polishing their business skills. The walk has former street children giving a guided to tour of their Delhi, enriched with their stories of life on the streets. So do show your support by taking this tour and increase your knowledge of the lesser-known areas of Delhi.

Walk The Walk

The tour takes you to areas around the Delhi Railway Station, the streets of Paharganj and ends with a visit to the SBT shelter. The tour guides tell you their story and many others of the children left to fend for themselves on the streets. Many of these children are either abandoned by their families or have run away from abusive childhoods. The money from this two hour walk goes back into the trust and is put into the elevation of more lives on the street. For tourists and Delhiites alike, this walk is a must on the list of things to-do around the city.

So, We’re Saying

Learn about the lives of the less-fortunate living on the streets of your city and get a better insight into what your city is all about!