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Delhi for the Win | 13 of the Best Things to Have Happened This Year

Editors posted on 24th December

By Editors

2014 was great {starting the positivity now, so we can sustain it in 2015}, and we know although there are many reasons for us citizens to be more frustrated than happy, let's focus on the great things to have happened to our city. Some of them might be trivial compared to more pressing issues, but hey, it's all about the smaller pleasures.

1) The Toll was removed. For every person who lives in Delhi and works in Gurgaon, or the other way around, you know what a meaningful moment this was.

2) Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic played each other in the Capital! The jury's still out on what Deepika Padukone was doing there, but she's good looking so it doesn't really matter beyond a point.

3) Speaking of sporting stars, can we get an Amen for Tiger Woods at the Delhi Golf Club!

4) Humans of New York and the Sartorialist came to town! Damn right. Our town.

5) Fast food giant, Burger King, set up shop here. Not sure how we feel about big brands displacing our homegrown ones, but the silver lining is in Delhi being viewed as a lucrative market.

6) Bombay, we got Natural and Shiv Sagar; we officially don't need anything else from you.

7) Connaught Place got a makeover, and came back into the game! Better still, is now also a Wi-Fi zone.

8) Cyber Hub began to own Gurgaon, and some of Delhi also, let's be honest.

9) Food, food and more food. From late night delivery joints, more indie, homegrown spaces to food giants, popular franchises and dessert spots, seems like everyone's coming to the Capital.

10) We're divided in this opinion, and although validation will come with time, we want to say Narendra Modi.

11) Little Black Book made its way to Gurgaon!

12) Tinder got popular. Time to make new friends?

13) Rapid Metro Rail in Gurgaon got truly up and running, station by station.