Ten-Second Takeaway

The Delhi Wine Club gets together to learn about, enjoy, and promote a wine culture of sorts in our beloved city. Comprising amateurs and connoisseurs, it’s been serving wine-lovers since 2002.

Wine Not?

Started in 2002 by Subhash Arora, the Delhi Wine Club was formed to promote wine culture in the city. As the founder warmly says, the idea is not to make people drink more wine, but to make more people drink wine. The 140-heavy group gets together and talk about, enjoy and learn from each other. They organise events with like-minded people and we can tell you, this is a dinner we’re itching to go to.

Fine-Dine And Wine


Photo source: Delhi Wine Club

Delhi Wine Club does these amazing events that look like parties, but are actually curated five-course meals in high-end restaurants. The wine is paired with the food, so members get to taste four to six wines. Subhash personally talks to the restaurant and wine importers to get supplies at a lower rate.

Boozy Events

Arora also selects the wine, writes about the events on the group blog, and is a seasoned wine-drinker himself. The club also does joint events {with at least 20 members} with restaurants and then puts up the experience on the blog. These events usually require a registration fee from anywhere between INR 2,000 to INR 3,000 {it’s almost always a five-star}.

Featured photo source : Pixabay