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Delhi's Checklist | How Many of These Did you do This Year

Editors posted on 23 December

By Editors

2014 is ending, Delhi! This means a new year, new places and spaces and best of all, we're a year older and hopefully wiser. As a round up of all things big and trending in 2014, here's LBB's checklist, asking you, how many of these did YOU do this year?

Post on a Food Group

Use any of the following hashtags: #foodcoma #mybestfriendswedding, #besties, #weddingmadness #beastmodeon

Get Drinks at Social Offline


Try and start your own business

Get stuck in traffic on the BRT, highway and/or MG Road

Use Tinder to make the nights {or day} less lonely


Gone to a drunken brunch after three pm

Try and launch your own App

Go to Buddh Circuit


Bitch about the parking in HKV, but end up there anyway

Took a pouting selfie #besties

Started buttoning the top button of your shirt {men, especially}


Been on time, anywhere.

Spent time on your phone at a social gathering

Debated the android VS iOS


Instagrammed your food before you ate it

Started using the word Bae seriously

Been for a bachelorette to Koh Samui, Bali or Istanbul


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