Delhi's First 4DX Is Now Open: You Can Feel The Wind, Smell The Scents & Actually Live The Movie!

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In 4DX, one can move with the motion in the movies, smell the scents and experience all the effects of the moving picture including water sprays, bubbles, fog, lightening, snow and even rainstorm. The 4DX experience was so far only available in Noida {PVR Logix} and Gurgaon {PVR MGF Gurgaon}, but PVR has recently introduced the cinematic experience in Delhi too. And boy, we’re headed to PVR Pacific Mall in Subash Nagar to check it out pronto.

From merely watching a movie to actually living it, this multi-sensory motion picture technology can be a game-changer, especially for those who love going to the theatres to catch movies.

Currently, they’re only screening two Hollywood movies – Black Panther and Tomb Raider – in the 4DX format across Delhi NCR. So, if you haven’t had the chance to watch either of these, now would actually be the perfect time!

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