This international chain of {almost 2,000} yoga studios across the world, has now arrived in Delhi. For newbies, the Bikram Yoga system comes from the ancient Hatha Yoga system, and has been spreading since the 1970s. Bikram-certified teachers teach at all official Bikram Yoga studios.

The classes are standardised with the same defined 26 postures {including two breathing exercises} that are practiced for 90 minutes each class. It is always practiced in a room heated up to 40°C and with 40% humidity to gain maximum benefits.

So, get ready to flush out toxins and get the most out of your workout!

The best part is that anyone can perform these exercises, irrespective of age, gender or diet. The teachers are trained twice a year and we hear lots of celebs have been picking this module up to maintain their healthy lifestyles. We’re signing up for the introductory classes; how about you?

Where: A 24, Second Floor, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden

Nearest Metro Station: Rajouri Garden

Timings: 6am – 8pm

Contact: Pallavi Aggarwal at +91 9650020333

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