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South Extension Part 2

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    Go For This LGBTQ Pride Ride That's Going To See Everyone On Scooters & Bikes!

    Rene posted on 23 June

    What Is It?

    Scruff and Those In Need are organising a unique bike ride on July 2 to celebrate everyone’s right to love and love freely. Instead of walking through the streets, however, everyone in support will take to cycles, scooties or bikes.

    It was on the same date in 2009 that the High Court of India had decriminalised homosexuality and even though 2013 saw it reversed, it continues to be a landmark day. This bike pride is a celebration of the same.

    Who Is It For?

    Everyone who’s for love, peace and happiness. Which we assume, should be anybody and everybody. And of course those who like to ride and have an open mind {and heart}. 

    It’s not often that we get to celebrate heterogeneity and this happens to be one of those rare instances. So, hop on to that rickety scooty or borrow your neighbour’s cycle… Take to the roads to support diversity, folks.


    Why Should I Go For It?

    In the middle of all the chaos that surrounds our everyday, there’s a spark of kindness that keeps us going. This pride ride is that hint of sunshine.

    We think it’s also a great way to spend your Sunday, supporting a cause that’s bigger than that extra sleep time. Plus, there are going to be a whole lot of kind and fun people riding with you.

    Anything Else?

    Get your own two-wheeler, posters and funk.

    Even if you can’t ride, you’re free to ride pillion with friends, families and fellow pride participants {everyone’s going to be nice and welcoming}. The drive will kick start from South Ex II Parking lot at 6.30am and will go to Jantar Mantar.

    Follow the updates on Facebook. Register here.

    When: July 2

    Where: It’ll start from the parking lot at South Ex II

    Timings: 6.30am – 10am


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    South Extension Part 2

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    locationSouth Extension - 2

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      South Extension Part 2

      locationSouth Extension - 2