Ten-Second Takeaway

Saving the day after a hard day of bargaining in Sarojini Nagar, this restaurant takes your favourite dishes and turns them into amazing cone versions of them! How cool is that?!

Chow Down

Chola Bhatura Cone, Chicken Changezi Naan

Sip On

Lemonade, Mango Shake

Winning For

The biggest issue with amazing meals like chole bhature and chicken keema is that you just cannot have them on the go, and this concept lets you do that without getting your hands dirty.

So Many Puns

A spacious joint in DLF South square, this one has bright interiors, and cone puns all around. Seats are comfortable, and the AC is like a blessing after you’ve spent a day in the busy market. We’d still recommend opting for a takeaway though.

They Came, They Saw, They Con{e}quered

260716_feature Cones and CurriesThese guys seemed to have tapped into a space no one else really thought of, and the result is pretty damn good. We tried a few {ok, almost all of their offerings} and were impressed by most of them.

Our favourites were the Chola Bhatura Cone, Chicken Changezi Naan and Chicken Tikka Pizza {surprisingly, the Chole Naan wins big time}. Each cone is packed with flavour, and thankfully doesn’t go all soggy, because of the hot curries. Our only issue with the non-vegetarian cones was that they were pretty small for their price.

So, We’re Thinking…

Mixing innovation and taste, the cones here are a must try. There is more to this place than just their cone variants, but the cones rule!.

Photos courtesy: Cones & Curries