Head To Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfiwale For Delicious Fruity Kulfis

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Chandni Chowk introduces you to a world of delicious food, and one of the bestsellers there is the kulfis at Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfiwale. Offering a variety of fruity and nutty flavours, this place needs to be pinned on your gastronomic wish list.

Chow Down

Jamun Kulfi, Paan Kulfi

Winning For

Most kulfis have a creamy texture {which is fine with us}, but when you bite into a kulfi at Kuremal, it really feels like you’re having frozen fruit. The texture and taste is amazing, and sans any artificial flavouring.

Old-World Charm

Finding this place takes some effort since it is in the bylanes of Sita Ram Bazaar; the small shop doesn’t offer much in terms of ambience but solely delivers on great taste.

Customers here range from area locals to celebrities, and the big yellow board makes the shop an easy spot in a lane which is mostly shades of grey and brown. A concrete seating slab and some plastic chairs are all they offer for seating {but who cares?}.

Fruit Blast

Kulfis come in three varieties here — rabri kulfi cream, stuffed kulfi & kulfi julpeps. The rabri kulfi cream section has regular creamy options that most people know and love; stuffed kulfis take your favourite fruit and have them filled with kulfi, & kulfi julpeps are sorbet-like options for those who prefer a little more fruit in their kulfi.

While each flavour tops the other over here, we absolutely loved Paan, Stuffed Mango, and Jamun. A local sitting next to us recommended the jamun, and told us that he’s been coming there since he was 10 {he was in his mid-40s now}.

We thought that the jamun variant might just turn out to be like the commercially available ones {sugary and full of artificial flavours} but one bite was enough to clear our mind of everything. The kulfi tasted exactly like a ripe jamun would taste {but better} and the texture was in between a sorbet and a traditional kulfi {pure awesomeness}.

So, We’re Thinking…

You have to visit this place when you plan your next trip to Chandni Chowk. The kulfis are a perfect post-meal treat {specially when spicy kebabs and curries have been your dinner} and the prices are pretty great too; they start at about INR 60.


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