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Gery Gone Mad

What Makes It Awesome?

If you love munching ,then this brand will definitely make you happy. Gery Gone Mad products are specially curated blending enriching ingredients which are delicious, fresh and has a new twist in familiar flavours. Armed with its innovative product range, “Gery Gone Mad” promises to kill monotony and offer differentiated delight.

Their Choco Stick, rules the roost among youngsters, kids, young adults, moms and pretty much everyone else! With a smooth chocolate filling cased in a crunchy wafer, this product has been delighting taste buds since it was launched. Cashew sticks, coffee sticks and almond sticks are also worth trying. I am a big fan of their coffee sticks! It
has a delicious taste that is simply irresistible. These sticks are perfect for munching as they are crunchy and creamy. They also have varieties of crackers- coconut, sugar cheese and chocolate. My favourite one is sugar cheese which pairs up perfectly with evening tea. They also have gifting options as the festive season is here.

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