By Aditi Datta

Move over breakfast, Gurgaon has spoken – as far as this town is concerned, lunch has got to be the most important meal of the day. Going by the sheer number of people in the game, we think it’s safe to say that lunch has got its due.

Deliver5 is the latest to join the lunch delivery crew. Neatly packaged, microwave-friendly thaalis come in three levels of hunger. When Deliver5 says the food is homemade, they put their money where your mouth is. Food is prepared in home kitchens by housewives who’ve got an occasional afternoon to spare, a great hand at ghar ka khana and the will to feed souls starved of home-food loving.

We got the Premium Thaali, which happened to have on that day’s menu single-serve portions of shahi paneer, bhindi {which was yummier than our homemade bhindi}, rajma, rice, roti and salad, with a coconut ladoo to boot. If you can agree on who gets the dessert, the thaali is actually good enough for two.

If you feel sharing does not equate to caring, you can get the Value and Value+ Thaalis too which are perfect for one. Delivered in three time slots of 12.30pm, 1.30pm and 2.30pm to popular office areas, Deliver5 really steps up to the plate for weekday warriors.

Notes in our Little Black Book | Deliver5 is a weekday lunch service with three kinds of home-cooked thaalis that are actually cooked at home.

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Prices: INR 99 for Value and Value+ Thaalis, INR 199 for Premium Thaali {good enough for two} No minimum order.