Games People Play: Desi Board Games For When It's Raining Outside

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Rains spoiling your plans for the weekend? Fret not. We have the perfect alternative; stay in, enjoy the rains {but from the comfort of your home}, order in and play one of these desi board games instead. Games that test your pop culture knowledge, historical ones that involves lots of strategising, and Tic Tac Toe with a twist; our pick of Indian board games will keep you thoroughly entertained through the rainy season.

Pop Vulture

Testing your trivia and pop culture expertise, the game asks questions on movie names, characters from books, television scenes and more. There is dumb charades inspired role-playing involved, and Rajnikanth is somewhere in there, too. The creators of this awesome game {we have played this several times} are the folks behind Fuller Life, an employment engagement company based out of Bangalore.

No. Of People Required: Minimum 3

Bonus Tip: Keep that crate of beer handy!

Price: INR 850

Check out their website here to order online, and find them on Facebook here.

Kreeda Games

Kreeda Games

icon-placeAvailable Online

Chennai-based Kreeda Games makes excellent board games that are inspired by real, ancient games from India. Their board games make for lovely gifts too. To ensure authenticity, Kreeda Games does detailed research about the origin, history and rules associated with each game. From Chaupad, a traditional Indian dice game, to The Tiger And The Goat, a strategy game, there is enough here to make you feel like a kid in a candy shop here.

No. Of People Required: Minimum 3

Bonus Tip: You will need to keep your wits about you

Price: INR 250 upwards

Check out their website here to shop online, and find them on Facebook here.

Desi Toys

Desi Toys

icon-placeAvailable Online

Desi Toys is a throwback to those days when life was simple, Doordarshan was still widely-watched and games were relatively uncomplicated. Take for instance, the good old Snakes and Ladders. Desi Toys’ version comes embroidered on cloth. Their Chumbak Shatrang, comprising magnetic chess pieces and a beautiful wooden chess board, have our hearts as well.

No. Of People Required: Minimum 2

Bonus Tip: Put your thinking caps on

Price: INR 149 – INR 5,999

Contact: +91 989228005 or e-mail them at

Check out their website here to order online, and find them on Facebook here, and Instagram here.


If you are a history buff with a soft spot for strategy games, the board game Samrat Rise Of The Delhi Sultanate, from the Hyderabad-based games company Kitki, is for you. Every player is king {or queen} who has to acquire resources, strategise and then lead soldiers into war. Colour-coded maps, cards and dices are all part of this. Not into war and strategy? Then turn your attention to another one of their creations; Operation Escape Evil: The Magical World of Chemistry. These games, meant for 8-year-olds and above {you are never too old to play games}, encourage problem solving and critical thinking.

No. Of People Required: Minimum 4

Bonus Tip: Time for a quick leaf-through history textbooks and chemistry notes from school

Price: INR 1,200

Check out their website here to shop online, and follow them on Facebook here.


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